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Battlefield 3 Cheat for PS3 XBOX 360 and PC

Battlefield 3  was a game changer in the FPS-series. Battlefield 3 had many new features in the game and one of the most updated graphics at the moment when launched.  Because of that Battlefield 3 instantly became a hit under the FPS games. Battlefield 3 is one of the games where not everyone just can run and gun. You need to be skilled enough to compete online, we provide you with a Battlefield 3 Cheat that allows you to modify the game offline and online. With our easy to use Battlefield 3 Cheat you will be able to edit your stats and use online cheats without getting banned. If you are searching for a Battlefield 3 Cheat, do not look further, we will satisfy you with our tool.


    • Unlock All
    • Max Level
    • Change W/L and K/D Ratio
    • Aimbot
    • Wallhack
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Speedhack
    • No Reload
    • ESP

  1. Download Battlefield 3 Cheat below
  2. Run Battlefield 3 Cheat
  3. On the Account tab set up your Platform and Username
  4. On the Stats tab set desired options
  5. On the Cheats tab set desired options
  6. Click on Apply and Enjoy

battlefield 3 cheat

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